Saturday, March 17, 2012


last week tanner and i headed to temple in the middle of the week to go see sesame street live with grammy and ipop. yes, big bird and elmo were coming to temple! we told tanner we were going to see sesame street and the entire week before he talked about bigbirdelmo...just one word to him...he always referred to both of them together! he was so excited. he insisted for several nights that he must wear his elmo pjs and then on monday before we went, he refused to take his elmo pj shirt off so we wore it all day long!

we got there a little too early (i maybe misread it so we had about 15 minutes to kill before they opened the doors). once we went in, they had a whole area set up for pictures and the sesame street set to play on. tanner was quite the piano performer (as he looked around taking everything in!).
trying to get a picture with elmo, but he was too distracted by everything...and then he decided to take off running for another fun character.
 the kiddo does LOVE the trash...throwing things in the trash and the trash truck.
characters would come out and sing with the kids. tanner was amazed...
and had so much fun singing and dancing with grammy.
 after we saw all of the characters' homes on sesame street, it was time for a souvenir (or 2 or 3 or 10). he always likes to pay!
 he picked out a big bird and he LOVES him! since we've been home, big bird comes downstairs every morning, is often included in car rides and is a MUST in the crib for naps and bed.
 headed to find his seat with ipop and then waiving his pennant waiting for the show to start. we were talking about how big bird was going to come out soon, and he sat down and started screaming as loud as he could "BIG BIRD!!!" hilarious!
 the show finally started and he sat wide-eyed watching and waving at all the characters
we made it through the whole show with a little help from a package of m&ms and a container of goldfish
 with lots of smiles and laughing and clapping and watching with amazement.
mr noodle and elmo had him cracking up laughing!
 and he must have liked the count because "8" was the number of the day and he actually remembered it. and now any time we talk numbers it's always "8." it's 8 o'clock all day long in our house! :-)
we had such a fun time and it was so fun watching him. he loved seeing them dance and tells me all the time that big bird is tall! we've been dancing every day since the show-apparently it inspired his love for dancing! such fun memories!

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allison said...

Fun!!! I especially love all the pics of his face during the show. Priceless :)