Monday, March 19, 2012

things to remember (besides crazy skunk stories)...

a few fun/hilarious/cute/crazy things the boy has done lately...

-he's quite the prayer. he insists at dinner that we pray...clasps his hands together and sometimes even closes his eyes SO tight and then opens them right back up. the other morning we had 2 neighbors over for coffee and he came running downstairs, up to the table and insisted we PRAY! he also loves his bedtime prayers. and i love it-he usually wraps his arms around me and lance while the 3 of us big family bear hug! oh how i hope his love for prayer sticks with him forever!

-we had been telling him we love him to the moon and back. he got a kick out of that and will now sometimes just skip the "love you" part and just tell us "moon back!" but of course he always tells us it at just the right time!

-he loves to tickle people. he wiggles his fingers and runs up to you and starts laughing!

-he is such a sponge and will repeat anything we say. the other day playing "birds" (angry birds" with lance, he started saying something. it sounds like d*#% it but me and lance haven't said that in front of him. but i can't figure out for the life of me what he's saying...maybe dang it?!?! he's said it several times sense and in the right situations...working on telling him we don't say that and getting to the bottom of what the heck he is actually saying!

-ever since sesame street live, he is SO into dancing. he dances to cartoons, dances to my phone, dances with the ipad. and insists on dancing naked every night after bath all over his room. he apparently thinks he has quite the moves!

-he is all boy and wants to be naked all.the.time! getting clothes on every morning is a battle. and of course stripping down at bath time is a highlight in his day! one morning last week, i was downstairs finishing my breakfast and tman was playing (or so i thought) upstairs. he runs to the top of the stairs and yells NAKED! and indeed he was completely diaper (he was already without clothes because he he gagged on breakfast and proceeded to puke on his pjs). i went up and asked him if he had gone poopy. he said "no, trash." yup, he had pulled the changing pad out into the tv room, apparently laid down (it was covered in poop), taken his diaper off and put it in the trash can. we ended up in the bath tub before 9 am-he had poop all over his legs down to his feet! oh good times!

my life is definitely not boring! :-)

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Sherry said...

Kali! I cannot even believe the skunk situation. I am so sorry!!

The poop story though-- hilarious! I am so not ready for Jack to do that, but I know it's only a matter of time!