Monday, May 7, 2012

catch up

ugh-it's been over a month. so this is going to be brain-dump/blog catch up and hopefully i won't fall so far behind again. although some of it is for a good reason...after we got moved back in from the skunk, lance had a 8mm kidney stone and was home for almost 2 weeks before getting it blasted. so things were a little hectic around here! we did a LOT of this:

we visited a fun place called the gentle zoo with kristin, anna, audrey and ellery over spring break. it was tons of fun-tanner's favorite part was the big sand box. he liked feeding the animals too-followed his big cousins lead and wasn't scared at all.
we've had a couple of fun baby showers for taylor. tanner even got to attend the one at her school and "help" her open all the gifts. he kept saying "tanner's" after each one...he hasn't quite figured it out that it's not all for him! pic on the right he was cheering "YAY!" about burp clothes (aka tanner's binkys)

we got to go to dinner with rachel and chad while they were here house hunting and checking out rockwall...yes, they're MOVING HERE! so exciting!

i made borscht with my new neighbor, anastasia. she's russian (lived here until her mid-20's) so it was totally authentic! lance was a great sport and tried it for dinner!

we went to the zoo for the first time with taylor. tanner loved the lions (HUGE he said) and watching me feed the giraffes. he wasn't quite brave enough to feed them himself.
 he LOVES driving!
 watching the lions on tay tay's shoulders

and probably one of the highlights...watching a digger over the bridge. true boys!
we had a fun playdate with our new Rockwall mops friends at the allergies were going nuts, but still a fun time. of course i decided this one time not to take my camera. several of the other moms were taking pictures and apparently tanner felt left out because he looked at me and asked me to take his picture...normally when i pull out my camera he waves me away saying NO! go figure! but i did get a fun iphone pic of the 2 of of my new favs (minus my crazy red, itch, watering eyes). we've loved meeting some new friends as we jumped in mid-semester in rockwall mops!
funny story-as i was changing tman's diaper, i realized i had started to put it on him backwards. i said something like, "oops, mommy was trying to put your diaper on backwards." with no prompting he looked at me and called me a "do do." it was hilarious! he loves the big bird movie and the do do family in the now anything silly is a do do-including ME!

we had a fun afternoon of painting. he would paint, decide he was dirty, and then forget about it and keep painting...over and over. he painted LOTS of paper and then decided to paint his knees, arms, tummy and even ears!
tomorrow we are headed to the allergist for tanner. i'm dreading tests or blood draws-neither sound fun, but i'm guessing it'll probably be more traumatic for me than for tanner.

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