Wednesday, June 8, 2011

beating the heat...inside!

with it being crazy hot already, we are working hard to find fun things to do INSIDE! this morning we checked out story time at the garland public library with steph and weston and then headed to our favorite lunch spot-chickfila. and to make the morning EVEN better, aunt tay-tay came with us! we loved bouncing baby story time...a few fun songs, a couple of stories and time with toys!
sitting for at least part of a silly song (clearly he was warming up in picture 2)
 steph and king weston. yes, you will notice a common theme...we hang out with steph and weston a.lot! they are SUCH a having a fun friend with a little guy about the same age as tanner...makes it easy to hang out and time with our friends keeps me sane!).
 no more sitting! steph caught tman in a full sprint in this one! clearly having lots of fun!
new toys!
love these 2...gotta love the look on weston's face...he's definitely thinking, "hey-where's your mom?! back off and get your own!"
"thank goodness...there she is!" yes, tanner had found his own, but then decided he needed both! this is our life right now...working on sharing!
fun with puppets
 love my little man and all the fun we get to have!

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