Wednesday, June 8, 2011

17 months

time is flying! can't believe our little guy is so close to 1.5 years old! it was a busy month. we had tanner's dedication, weight check at the doctor, our first trip of the year to the lake and lots of play dates with friends.

in the weight department, he was up to 21.6 lbs. while i know that's still only in the 5%, i'll take it. he's fine, i've decided! he eats when he wants to and is open to trying new things...he's just not a food-motivated kid. he lives to play and run around...not to eat!
taking pictures to pass the time while waiting on doctor karen
tanner is definitely a lover of breakfast food-just like his mommy! he eats a great breakfast...his 17 month birthday was also national donut day, so we went to dunkin donuts to celebrate. YUM! he almost ate an entire donut by himself...and downed his milk too!
teeth have been kind of a pain this month. all 4 molars were working on making their appearance. not fun, but it hasn't been horrible. just a few whiny days. but these molars are in no hurry-it seems like they are taking forever to fully pop through. i think his fang teeth are right behind them. but then we'll be done and just have the 2 year molars left! and i think having more teeth help with eating too!

schedule-wise we officially dropped a nap at the end of may and just take 1 a day. i knew it was time on a day when he woke up super early (like 5:30/6ish) and i put him down for a morning nap because we were meeting friends at willow bend to play. he took an ok nap and then we went to play...and he played hard. we ate lunch and he played some more (waiting for crazy thunderstorms to pass). we finally got home around 1:30 and i thought he'd surely take a good nap...he was tired from waking up so early and he had just played for 3 hours! nope. 20 minutes and he was up. really?!?! from that day on, i decided it was one nap, and one nap only! sometimes that nap is at 11:30-we're still working on moving it back, but definitely no morning naps anymore.
playing at willow bend...he decided he was into climbing that day and there's been no turning back! yes, he's done all of the things below all by himself. i turn around and he's on/in something new!

he's had fun playing with an old electric toothbrush that we don't use anymore. and he has decided he likes taking shower now (previously he'd cry if you put him in the shower). if i forget to close the bedroom door in the mornings, i'll often find him sitting in the shower because he knows mommy usually showers after breakfast.

other things from the past month...
i found him doing this one day-yes he's suspended in the air...leaning on the couch and holding his legs up on the ottoman. pretty impressive!
 and he's had fun playing with the medals from our 10k-wears it all the time!
he decided to wear lance's hat one night...with a lei. what a combo! and of course he's reaching for the camera!
and he's always trying to put on his own shoes or mine or lance' i helped him a little!
and of course play dates with one of his best little friends, weston! he was so excited to try and push weston around on his ice cream truck! it's just hilarious how much he soaks in every day and how he tries to do everything we do (like push him on his ice cream truck).
he's decided he likes reading books least sometimes. he's got his few favorites-B is for Bear and No, No Noah and of course Good Night Moon. He'll sit through those. Other books...well, it depends on if he likes it. Sometimes he'll last for 2 pages and other times he'll enjoy the whole book with you! he's quite the jabber mouth. lots and lots of talking...just working on the words. he's definitely got mama and dada down. has started saying "mo" for more. and then can say some things like his own name (sounds like nanner), tay-tay and duck (duh) when he wants to. despite not having lots of words to use yet, he's quite good at getting his point across. he's a master at pointing...and at signing more (for more or when he wants something). and he knows his milk is in the fridge and that water comes from the fridge too...he's gotten good at banging on the fridge when he wants a drink. he is also a PRO at saying "uh-oh." sometimes i think he drops things just so he can say it. and it's so comes out uh-ooooooooooooh.
and the "what???" look is his favorite!
loves playing with aunt tay-tay (YEA for summer!)
 and because it's too cute not to post...he was sporting designer jean diapers while we were in temple (grammy and ipop had no clue what they were buying!)...

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