Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy father's day!

happy father's day to my hubby and baby's daddy! lance is such a great daddy for tman! they always have lots of fun. whether it's playing chase or playing outside or playing at bath time or playing with new toys (which lance is a pro at buying), lance makes a perfect playmate and teacher and daddy for the little guy. it has been so much fun watching them together. i wouldn't want to be raising tanner with anyone else!

my favorite pics of tanner and his daddy over the last 17+ months...

he took to this "daddying" thing pretty fast (thank goodness he rolls with the punches a little better than me)...first picture of father and son.
he's good at snuggling when tanner was little (or now when he'll sit still)...
he made tanner a snowman when he was barely a month old...and then a year later was willing to get all bundled up and "play" in the snow to make fun memories...
 he can always get a huge smile or laugh...he's just always that much fun!
 shares his ipad with tanner every day...he's even taught tanner how it works. they enjoy ipad time together!
 daddy is FUN! pushing tman around the house or around the yard...over and over and over again! and enduring the heat of the park for lots of sliding and fun and smiles.
 he's also is a pro at being silly and goofy with tanner!
he's great at teaching him to pick blackberries and how to shoot hoops. there are going to be many hours and days of shooting hoops in our house. i love this pic...tanner is definitely looking up to his daddy in lots of ways!
and daddy is such a hard worker. he works hard to provide so tanner can play all day and i can play all day with him. he even taught him how to use the phones at the office!
my new favorite pic of tman and his daddy! love it!
happy father's day to the best daddy tanner could ever ask for...and the best partner his mommy could ask for! thanks for being such a great dad to our little guy!

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allison said...

GREAT pictures! Happy Father's Day, Lance!!