Saturday, June 11, 2011

blueberries for sal...or blackberries for tanner

we took a little trip to the ham orchard on saturday with some friends from our small group. so fun...and so hot! they have a pick-your-own blackberry patch, so i thought we'd try it out with the kiddos. i really didn't think tanner would get into the picking part, but boy was i wrong. he had a blast and was a PRO at picking blackberries! he didn't even mind the heat (although lance i both think we lost 5 lbs in sweat today!). we will definitely do this again...
 all it took was lance giving him a little demo of what to do...
 and then he had it down!
pointing one out..."how 'bout that one, mom?"
grabbing and picking...
throwing them into his bucket (which he would not let go of)...
and then going back for more to add to his bucket!
after about 30 minutes, my fair skin child was beet red. don't worry-not sunburned...we lathered him up good...but when he gets hot, he turns RED! so we headed back to the pavilion-bucket in tow-for lunch.
we cooled off and enjoyed some yummy (and cheap!) cheeseburgers and hot dogs with some dublin dr pepper...and then topped it off with their famous peach and strawberry ice cream. YUM!
(do you see how RED he is?!?!)
and then we went shopping! ham's has a great little country store...we grabbed a bag of yummy peaches (best peaches ever from hams!), plums, strawberries and a few other goodies before heading back to "the city."
such a fun outing with friends. and fun memories with our little guy! i think it's definitely a new summer tradition...maybe even multiple times a summer! and now i want to find a pick-your-own blueberry patch to visit (since one of tanner's current favs is blueberries).

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Anonymous said...

I'm seriously starting to think we just need a Weston and Tanner blog ahahahah! ;) Love our friends!!!