Monday, June 20, 2011

Laughing over Limes

we had a great monday! we had absolutely nothing planned and tman decided he needed to wake up at 6:15. i think he just wanted to see lance before he left for work. after breakfast i mentioned showering to tanner. next thing i know, he's running down the hall and i find him IN the shower (he's never gotten in by himself before) and reaching up wishing he was tall enough to turn it on. he has come to love shower time, and to tell you the truth, i don't mind it at all. we usually have lots of fun playing in the water and with all the shampoo bottles! and i don't have to worry about where he is or what he's getting into.
we ended up heading over to steph and weston's to play. tanner was so excited when we pulled up and i told him we were at weston's...and weston got a big grin on his face when steph told him tanner was there. i love that they're becoming good friends! the boys had so much fun playing chase! they were belly laughing and squealing! it's perfect-tanner loves to push the lawn mower and chase and weston loves to have people chase him with the mower. they went round and round and round the kitchen table and the living room!
 more fun with bubbles and a dance party in weston's room!
funny moment today-when i went into tanner's room after his nap, he was sitting in his crib grunting. it was still dark and i was a little worried he was in pain. after i turned on the light, i realized he was fine...he was just sitting on part of his binky and was trying to pull it out from under every time he was pulling on it he was grunting. hilarious! once i gave him his binky he was mr snuggles and just laid his head on my shoulder for a long it!

this afternoon while i was working on dinner, tanner found a great toy - a LIME! he pulled a lime off the counter and decided it was a fun, bouncy ball. i decided to just go with it so i just pulled another one from the fridge to use and let him have fun. he ran around laughing hysterically as he threw it across the room (and he tried throwing it to the dogs too-dakota and gizmo were sweet to tolerate his game of flying lime).
uh-ooooooooh...where is it?!?! maybe under the table (amongst the flip flops, tennis shoes, kleenex, water bottle, book and cup of milk-yes, that's how our house rolls these days!)...
 stopping to "taste" the lime...and then back to throwing!
 and on a totally different topic...the two pictures i took yesterday. tanner so excited and proud to give his daddy a present (that he had already started opening for lance...yes, he's quite the helper!). and tanner and poppa at dinner...poppa was entertaining him while i finished my dessert!

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