Monday, June 13, 2011

it's the little things

i read a blog post this week about remembering and writing down the little things. i realized i'm good at capturing the big things on the blog (especially if they are accompanied by a picture), but i want to be better at writing down the little things too. tanner is changing almost every day-it's crazy! of course i tell myself that i'll never forget the things that are so "normal" and a part of our day-in-day-out routine. but then i have friends ask me questions about things tanner was doing even just a few months ago, and i can't remember (i usually go look it up on my blog!).

so...a few things recent small things that i want to remember:

-the other day i walked into his room. he had disconnected his baby monitor from the cord/plug and was sticking the connector end onto his tongue...yes shocking himself and smiling at me like, "this is the coolest thing ever!". lance said it was his first experiment with electricity. don't worry-i quickly unplugged it and put it out of his reach!

-he's having a harder time falling asleep lately. not sure what it is-he usually just goes right down. but saturday night he got himself quite worked up so i went in to calm him down. i love that he still loves to snuggle and rock (when he's tired). as soon as i picked him up, he was fine. we rocked...and every few minutes he'd sit up and look at me and smile (and occassionally give me a random kiss-LOVE those!). as long as i was holding him, he was a-ok!

-"jumping"-anytime he wants to jump he bends his knees and squats down...and then springs up-but of course his feet don't ever leave the ground. he also does this when he wants me to hold him...hands over his head reaching up and squats down like he's going to jump into my arms.

-his dancing is hilarious and oh so cute. he bends his knees a lot and bounces...and swings his arms around. he loves music and loves to dance. and sometimes when he's feeling silly (dancing or not), he'll start spinning in circles until he falls down

-crawling up in my lap...thumb in mouth and binky in hand...mostly late afternoon or after dinner when he's getting sleepy when we're reading books or watching a cartoon

-running around the house "shooting" me with a hot glue gun (i still have no idea how he knows to "shoot" with the glue gun but he picked it right up, started throwing his arm towards me and making noises with his mouth)...yes...all.boy!
-all kinds of distractions in the back seat...i jump in the back with him a lot as extra entertainment if lance is driving. yesterday he decided he wanted to try the head lamp on...probably because i had just taken it off my head and he loves doing anything i do. love that smile!
here's to doing better at writing down the little things more regularly...the blog posts might not be as pretty or have as many pictures to go along with it, but i'll be glad to have those memories!

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