Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday fun at the DMA

what a great day! it's days like this that i really cherish getting to stay at home and do all these fun these with my little guy. not that i'm not thankful every day...but you know, it's a little easier to be thankful on the good days filled full of fun, smiles and laughs. every once in a while (read: often) i lose perspective, lose my patience and have a hard time keeping a happy heart on the days filled with a few too many whines or fits!

so anyways, back to our great day. tman and i headed down to the Dallas Museum of Art with our buds steph and weston to check out first tuesdays-for kids and their families. it's free admission and lots of activities for kids. can you say CHAOS! kids, mommies and strollers galore! wow! we got there early...and so did everyone else. tanner and i checked out story time. he listened to a couple of songs and one story, and then he was done. we found steph and weston in the room for the little kiddos and had some fun playing in there.
checking it out...
 showing weston what he has...
 magnet fun!
 and of course cars!
 he can be so good and helpful at cleaning up...but only when he wants to (this was totally unprompted by me).
 climbing in to play with our bud!
 crazy strings of beads to walk through!
 after we played for a while, it was time for lunch. tanner decided it was more fun to sit backwards in the chair. silly!
 and the 2 crazy kids are ready to go!
and a few things for when he's older that were really fun about the DMA:
face painters-amazing! it'll be fun when tanner will sit still long enough for that to happen and when his skin isn't so sensitive (right now, it would be a serious concern that his face would have a major problem/rash/breakout of red bumps if we did this)...someday!

art making activity-again in a few years when he'll sit still and not want to eat the art supplies (these dang teeth are killing us...and most definitely killing us at night too!). ugh!

after a GREAT nap we met Poppa at braum's to celebrate national chocolate ice cream day. YUM! there were definitely no objections from tman.


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Anonymous said...

oh the places we'll go! the adventures we'll share! it's so much fun to have ya'll there!!!

STeph & W.