Wednesday, June 15, 2011

socks, splashing and snacks

yesterday while i was getting ready for baby boot camp with my socks and shoes tanner found an extra pair of socks and insisted on putting them on...just like mommy! it was hilarious-it looked like he had booties on! and to make his outfit even more complete it wasn't snapped yet...kinda skirt-like!
i snapped a few more right before we left...such a goof ball-all the crazy poses and faces he makes! love that crazy kid!
after we tried out a baby boot camp (i won 6 free sessions on dallas moms blog), we headed to the splash park to cool off. tanner squealed with excitement when we got out of the car and he saw the splash pad.
he was a little tentative at first and never turned wild and crazy, but he did have fun. next time we'll bring buckets and cups for extra fun.

this morning tanner slept in...7:50...wahoo! i was trying to multi-task at breakfast...feed him a bite (he was eating a waffle with syrup...i was trying to avoid syrup-sticky-mess everywhere) and then feed the dogs. feed him another bite or two and start my coffee...another bite and change the laundry. he kept getting frustrated with me and pointing. i thought he was asking for a bite of something different or wanting something that was on the kitchen table. nope! eventually i figured out he was pointing to the chair sitting right in front of him-the one i always sit in when he is eating. as soon as i sat down, he got a huge grin on his face and stopped pointing. that's what he was to stop running around and just sit with him like our normal routine. i sat for a minute and then hopped up to cook my breakfast and he just started pointing again. too cute! so of course i gave in and sat with him for the rest of the meal. such a good reminder to slow down and just enjoy being together!

we tried out story time at barnes & noble today but it was geared for kids a little older so we left and headed to the park. weston had a new container of puffs and the boys decided they wanted a mid-morning snack...they finished off the WHOLE container. so we had a little picnic in the tunnel before coming back to the house to cool off and eat lunch.

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