Saturday, December 4, 2010

11 months!

i can't believe more month and this little guy will be 1! yikes! he is growing leaps and bounds and has something new for us almost every day! and now for a picture overload...

he's got 4 teeth, and 2 more on top are on the verge of breaking through. i've seen signs of #3 on the bottom too. needless to say with all these teeth, tman is VERY drooly these days! we're going through 2-3 shirts because he ends up soaking wet. we're never very far from a burp rag for the crazy drool!
prime example...wet shirt, lots of drool (and all 4 teeth showing!)
thankfully they haven't upset his sleep too much. he's still waking up most mornings between 5:30 and 6, but he's going to bed around 6:30 too so i think he's just gotten all the sleep he wants. i've been leaving him in his crib in the mornings until at least 6 (regardless of what time he wakes up) and i think this is actually helping some. last week he slept in until 6:30 a couple of mornings! (haha isn't that funny-6:30 as sleeping in!) still 2 naps a day. this past week i think he decided to give me my christmas present early...he started taking 1.5+ hour naps. wahoo! so much better than just 30-45 minutes! i'm hoping he's wearing himself out from crawling around and around and around the house and this is the beginning of better naps! a mom can hope right?!?!

in the food department he's decided that's he's a big boy and would rather feed himself. i'm trying to get creative but there's only so many things he can feed himself right now. most fruit is too squishy (and so it ends up mashed between his fingers and not in his mouth). he LOVES LOVES LOVES cheerios. sometimes that is all he'll eat. he also will always eat peas. and he really liked black eyed peas. i think he just really likes that he can feed himself the peas! but a boy can only eat so many peas/beans before his little tummy can handle no more. he's also done pretty good with feeding himself cheese and carrots and he's tried some chicken and pasta this month too. we tried cranberries too...he wasn't a fan but we did get some HILARIOUS pictures! i was kneeling in the floor taking these and lance and i started laughing so hard that i fell over...that's how funny his faces were! probably won't be doing cranberries again any time soon.
 this is a typical dinner. i start out with a well rounded variety of fruits and veggies and then end up giving up and just pulling out finger foods he will maybe eat! what a mess...broccoli, cheese, peas, black eyed peas, cheerios...don't those go well together?!?! and yes, the dogs LOVE dinner time. i definitely don't have any cheerios or peas to pick up off the floor. and we're working on helping tanner understand that feeding dakota and gizmo cheerios isn't a fun game. wish me luck...he thinks it's hilarious!
and just because i couldn't's the craberry faces!
tanner has decided he prefers a big boy cup. no, not a bottle or a sippy cup but a cup with NO lid. um this is a problem! i need him to like a sippy cup...or even a sippy cup with a straw! i'm glad he knows how to drink from a big cup pretty well, but he can't do that by himself (clearly, he can't even hold the cup or we have water everywhere!). so we're working on the sippy cup/straw cup in hopes he'll learn that we can't always use a big person cup!

his favorite toys...reveille his dancing aggie dog. i'll post the video soon but reveille sings and dances to the aggie war hymn and tanner loves it!

his ice cream truck. he loves to dance to the ice cream truck song. he loves to hold onto is and practice his standing up skills. he loves to open and close the seat (and hid little toys in there!) and he LOVES going for rides around the house (it's a great workout for your back and legs bending over and doing laps around the house!).
he loves playing the piano on lance's ipad
he loves any kind of drawer. he even has his own drawer in the kitchen with all kinds of fun things (in an attempt to keep him occupied and away from things like the dogs water bowl in the kitchen!)
this back roller is quite entertaining...he has lots of fun rolling it and chasing after it down the hall!
and his john deere tractor that plays old mcdonald had a farm and makes animal noises. 
he loves rolling it around
cardboard need for toys-he loves boxes, measuring cups and spoons, plastic containers...
dakota's kennel (and really any of the dogs' toys)
 his first nativity...he even has dance moves to away in a manger 
and of course anything he can pull up and hold on to. the couch, any type of chair, a tv tray, his little walker thing, his exersaucer (although he's not a fan of being in the exersaucer anymore...he doesn't like being confined and not moving around!), and last but not least, me. i think i'm a jungle gym some days! it seems like over night he went from kind of pulling up and falling a lot to pulling up on everything all the time and cruising around all day long. he loves standing up and this week has even started letting go and standing on his own (not holding on to anything) for a good 10-15 seconds. go big boy! it's fun to watch him learn...he's slowly figuring out how to get his toys from the floor when he's standing. he'll stare intently at them and you can just tell the wheels are turning in his little brain to figure out how to keep standing, bend over, get the toy and stand back up without falling down! he's also started walking behind his push toys...he thinks he's so big!
clothes...still in mostly 12 month stuff (or 6-12 months). halfway through this month we went to see dr karen and tman weighed in at 18 lbs 10.5 oz. he had a bad cough/cold and we just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything we needed to do.

tanner is GREAT at giving kisses! i love it! sometimes he'll even give me one without me asking for sweet! he loves dakota and gizmo and gets so excited every morning to see them. this month he decided he needed to share his kisses with gizmo.
and his 11 month chair pictures...
  a new thing he's doing with his mouth... 
 really, mom...are we through yet?!?!
 i'm thinking about jumping out of this chair!
 give the puppy a kiss!
what a fun month this has been watching you grow and learn all kinds of new things! can't believe in one more month this little guy will be one! we love you sooooo much tanner bannaner!!

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