Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so we've been working on decorating for christmas. in the process we've gone on a purge of stuff we don't need...so the decorations have taken longer than normal but it feels good to get rid of JUNK! and because we have a little guy who likes to get into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g decorating has been taking place in short spurts. it's next to impossible to do any decorating when he's awake, and since he's not a big napper, that doesn't leave much time in the day for pulling out the decorations. i had one of the plastic tubs still out when he got up from his afternoon nap and he was quick to offer his help!
so after the little man was in bed tonight, i decided it was time to pull out the tree! i'm a little nervous about putting up a tree with him getting into everything and pulling up on everything in sight, but since we didn't put one up last year (yes, there was no way i was going to put up a tree 9 months preggo and definitely didn't want to have to take one down super preggo or with a newborn!), i really want one this year. we got it all set up and plugged it in to find this...
seriously?!?!? you have got.to.be.kidding.me. ANNOYING! we think a rat decided he wanted to celebrate christmas in the storage shed. so after we took it all apart and drug it back into the garage, my rock star hubby VOLUNTEERED (no i did not even ask him) to run to home depot at 9 pm to get a new one. 

i made him promise to get a pretty one. yes, i am a little snotty about my christmas trees. we used to ALWAYS get a real one growing up. then my parents decided to abandon that tradition (yes i appreciate fake trees, but i could not get over abandoning the tradition of going and picking out the tree each year)...and my mom got a tree with "pine cones" on it. but these weren't real fake pine cones...they just colored some of the tips of the green branches brown. so it looked like a christmas tree with poop (gross i know but that's really the best description). totally had no resemblance to pine cones whatsoever! so when lance called tonight to ask what i thought about a tree with pine cones, i told him not so much...even though these were real fake ones, my parents first artificial tree ruined the idea of pine cones on a christmas tree for me. 

so we'll see what he comes home with. i told him if there wasn't a pretty one, me and tanner would find one tomorrow (yup, last time we bought a tree i made us go to multiple places...to make sure we got the prettiest one but it's also gotta be a good deal!). hopefully i can post a picture of our beautiful new tree with LOTS of lights tomorrow!

and for your viewing enjoyment...tanner had a serious case of bed head this morning! 

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Erica said...

we had a section in our tree out this year as well...darn!
I also checked all the "candy canes" that line our sidewalk, but when I went to plug them in, there was a whole section out, and now none of them are working!
At least that's not what it's all about!
Thanks for checking out the book and our blog!