Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween!

we had a great low-key weekend. friday night we met up with some friends we hadn't seen in while and had a great time catching up and eating some yummy dinner at string bean. saturday, mom and dad came into town to get their tanner fix.

saturday morning we tried to go to a pumpkin patch...of course i've been saying i want to take tanner to a pumpkin patch for some pictures for the last month. so we all load up (and by all i mean ALL-mom, dad, grant, me, lance, tanner, taylor and brian) and head to the pumpkin patch i'd seen by taylor's school. we get there only to find out it's $7 a person to get in. of course that comes with a hayride and a hotdog, but hello, we have a 10 month old who wasn't going to enjoy either of those things. i'm way to cheap practical to make everyone pay $7 (yes, do the math, they would have made $49 off of us-i'm assuming tanner would have been free-we didn't stay long enough to find out) for a 10 minute photo session with a few big orange pumpkins.

so, plan b...another pumpkin patch that was supposed to be free near poppa's house. well, again, i hadn't done my homework. it is a free pumpkin patch, but apparently all the pumpkins had been purchased because it was gone! ugh! talk about one disappointed momma! but by this point we were all hungry, so we ditched the pumpkin patches and went to eat! later that afternoon grammy and ipop decided tanner needed to visit the fall festival we drove past by poppa' i have a few pictures of the tman with pumpkins. grammy said he did NOT like the hay!

next year i will do better...and i'll probably pay the $7 since he'll at least be old enough to semi-enjoy a real pumpkin patch!

mom and taylor decided that he needed a real costume (i think his astronaut costume was real enough, but whatever) we came home from a short shopping trip with a dragon costume. it was either a dragon or a bumblebee costume. i nixed the bumblebee costume-it was clearly for a had shiny wings-and of course the dragon costume was 0-6 months, but they were determined for it to fit!
don't be fooled-this is really the only happy picture we got of him in his dragon outfit. compared to the many happy pictures i got of him in his astronaut costume...i think he liked the costume mom picked out for him much better!
and of course since the rangers are in the world series, tanner had to sport his hat a little more this weekend (he has learned how to take it off so it doesn't stay on long!). love this picture (ignore the blur) of him and mom...he's clearly excited about something!
and earlier in the week when we were watching the rangers beat the yankees...
we spent halloween evening with the lights out (tman was way we can do trick or treaters with a sleeping baby and 2 loud dogs!) watching the rangers play...hopefully they'll have a better game tonight!


Kim said...

He is such a cutie in all his outfits!! Don't worry- we didn't do pumpkin pictures until this weekend and only because we were at a birthday party! And Grace is going through the waking up EARLY phase too- the past week and a half it's been between 5:30 and 6:00!! NOT fun!!!

allison said...

There are so many things to love about this post: your admission of your cheapness (which you know I love & appreciate about you), the veto of the girly costume, and the one "happy" picture of the little dragon! :) And for the record, I know where you can find a ton of FREE, authentic pumpkin patches next year. (But you might have to pay more than $7 to get here. ;)