Wednesday, October 27, 2010

our little astronaut

tonight we went to gigi and pop's church's trunk or treat. our little astronaut took a snooze on the way out there and then was a trooper staying up late (he's usually in bed between 6:30 and 7 and as i am typing this at 8:20, he's back in his room talking away...i can't believe he stayed awake the whole time we were there and the whole ride home!).

tanner the astronaut had a great time taking in all the sights...there was so much to see!

meeting the chick fil a cow and a horse with gigi
his first hayride...
pictures in cinderella's pumpkin with anna and audrey-aka rapunzel and cinderella
audrey did not want to be called audrey tonight...she kept insisting she was cinderella! we'll see if kristin got a picture with all 3 looking-next to impossible! but i do love these how anna is being such a sweet cousin in the first one and making sure tman is a-ok...and he clearly was having fun in picture 2...

we had fun watching anna and audrey enjoy all the activities...i'm sure next year tanner will be right there with them!

a little face painting and eating candy with gigi
 the boys having such a fun time...
 pure excitement in the bounce house...i love catching them mid-air!
 even falling is so much fun!
thinking he'd fall asleep before we were even out of rockwall on the way home, we changed tanner into his pjs so he was ready for bed...of course he talked the whole way home and was wide awake when we pulled into the garage...but he clearly had a great time-he's all smiles!
now i can just cross my fingers that since he fell asleep after 8:30, he won't wake up at 5:45 am like he did today! maybe he'll at least sleep til 7 tomorrow...wouldn't that be a treat!?!?!?


Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

hi little t-i LOVE your astronaut suit!

A Berry Bailey Life said...

So sweet Aunt Kali! We had sooo much fun with you glad you were there this year!! We're looking forward to next year already!