Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm a big boy, look what i can do!

i heard tanner thursday morning as he woke up from his nap...but needed just a couple more minutes to finish getting ready and he is usually pretty happy when he wakes up to just play in his crib and talk to himself. when i went in to get him just a few minutes later, i was greeted by my little guy SITTING UP in his crib. he sits up all the time, but he's never gone from laying down to sitting up by himself. another first! good thing we lowered the mattress a few days ago!

i love this one...his thumb + his burp rag binky = a happy boy! 
(and this picture captures his crazy hair these's growing thicker except on the right side of his's still super thin on just that one side-kinda looks like a mohawk, but no i have not cut his hair to look like this!)
 "look at me, mom!"
 "let me out!"
and then he decided after his afternoon nap (yes, on the same day!) that sitting up wasn't quite adventurous enough, so he pulled up in his crib. he never made it all the way to his feet-just on his knees, but i think we'll be dropping the mattress all the way down this weekend. what did i find him doing?!?! scratching at the wall texture/paint...just like he does when i lay him on his changing table. does he not like the color we picked out for his room?!?! i hate to break it to him, but re-painting is NOT happening anytime soon!
just look at his face...he's so proud of himself!

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Taylor and Brian said...

I already feel like I NEED to see him again! :) He is so stinking cute.