Monday, October 4, 2010

3/4ths of a year!!!

yesterday was tman's 9 month birthday! i can hardly believe it...but i am loving this stage! me and lance celebrated by going to a movie and grabbing some yummy cheesecake factory...thanks gigi and pops for letting us escape for a little bit! 
we went for his 9 month check up this morning. he was hoping for no shots and there were no immunizations, but since it's flu shot season, we both got our flu shot. the nurse also stuck his toe to get a little blood to check his iron. he was a trooper-didn't cry for that at all and only a few tears over his flu shot!

9 month stats:
29 inches (80%)
18.6 lbs (20%)
46.5 inch (80%)

he is just determined to be long and skinny...but that's ok with us and dr karen said he was looking good.  she gave us the go ahead for any kind of food-she said he can have anything except shellfish, nut products, eggs and honey-but other than that, it's all fair game! she also suggested we try a few different creams on his cheeks to help with his dry skin/eczema so we'll see if that will definitely make grammy happy! it doesn't seem to bother him so i'm not too worried about it.

just this last week i feel like he has made lots of developmental progress. it's amazing...some weeks it's like he's literally growing leaps and bounds in what he can do! last monday as i was feeding him breakfast, he decided he was going to know how to clap...and of course he decided to show me that right as i was shoveling in a bite of's FUN to clap on top of a spoon FULL of food! he was fascinated by his messy hands after that...but there's been no turning back! he loves clapping!
he can still wear his 6-9/6-12 month clothes and they fit him great…a few of them are a little short but they work.

size 3 diapers (4 overnight)

sleeping…bedtime is still holding strong at 6:30 but i’ve started noticing he’s getting closer to staying up a little later…he used to be DONE by 6:15 but now he can usually last at least til 6:30 for a little extra playtime with lance. he was completely sleeping through the night…and then i decided we were going to be done with the 10 pm feeding. he wasn’t eating tons and it seemed like it was disrupting his sleep…and the kiddo is 9 months old…time to drop this feeding! i don’t know if it’s breaking that habit or him learning the concept of object permanence, but the last couple of nights haven’t been much fun. or maybe it’s that he’s getting cold…we are loving this fall weather, but it gets kinda chilly in the house at night (love it…but little guy might not). oh how you have to love the guessing game with a baby! maybe this, maybe that, let’s try this, no, we should try that. JOY! so tonight we’re trying a onesie and some socks under his pjs to keep him warmer…we’ll see! maybe he won't wake up feeling like an icicle. crossing my fingers that solves it and we go back to our quiet, peaceful, sleep-filled nights!
karen said she could tell several of his teeth were “right there” so I’m guessing we’ll see a few more soon.

talking and noises…no words yet, but he can make all kinds of noises with his mouth! clicking, motorboat, blowing raspberries/aka spitting (hilarious except when he tries to do this while i’m feeding him!). he’s still eating good and it’s amazing that he’s gotten so much better about consistency issues…green beans don’t phase him now!

he’s not as into his praise baby dvds this month…i think he’s a little too busy for that. he’s super close to crawling –gets his knees under him and pushes and can move his arms…just hasn’t gotten the hang of it all going together. but he’s still mr. active and can get around wherever he wants by scooting and rolling and turning.
2 favorite books…no, no, noah and b is for bear. b is for bear is an alphabet book…y is for you and there’s a mirror. it’s by far his favorite page and he always leans over and kisses himself in the mirror! hilarious!
"are we done yet, mom?!?! i'm ready to crawl right off this chair!"
we love you SO SO MUCH mr tman!!! happy 9 month birthday!!!


Mary Helen said...

Happy 9 month birthday to Tanner! He is such a cute little man. I love his sweet smile! Glad you and Lance got to celebrate, too :)

Kim said...

Oh Tanner- such a sweetheart!! I love that he kisses himself in the mirror! :)

I always read your posts and realize something I forgot to put in Grace's (all the noises she's making with her mouth... of course they are very similar to Tanner's!) :) I'm sure the two of them could have a lovely conversation!