Sunday, October 3, 2010

guy time

tanner LOVES his daddy! he does his excited pant and waves his arms around every night when lance comes home. lately he's been staying up just a little later at night and getting in some good play time with his daddy! lance is especially good at getting the smiles and laughs!
"driving" lance's truck (don't worry-no actual driving occurred. we were parked in a parking lot waiting for grammy)
and then of course he loves his daddy because lance is a sucker for buying him new toys! tanner and lance had a few hours of guy time on saturday, and i get a text from lance with a picture of tanner's new toys and stories of their shopping adventures. surprise, surprise! i have a feeling tanner will quickly learn to ask his daddy (and avoid my answers!) for things that he really needs wants! the idea of lance and tanner shopping trips when tanner is old enough to talk scare me! but it does make my heart happy to watch them playing together...lance is a great daddy and tanner always loves guy time!

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