Monday, October 11, 2010

a few early new year's resolutions

so i've come up with a few resolutions for the next year...or maybe it's better to think of it as a "to do" list. i think i'm just getting a jump start on accomplishing them in 2011.

1-run a 10k...taylor, brian and dad ran the cowtown last year and have decided it's a new family tradition. so we're all running it in february-february 26 to be exact...even mom! we'll be team bop (bailey, o'neal, pattillo). no i haven't really worked out since before tman was born (other than a few zumba classes here and there), but i officially registered me and lance last week.

i did register us one morning following a very long night, so if i'm regretting this next year, i'll blame it on sleep deprivation. haha! my dad wanted to have tanner participate his stroller...but since they aren't allowed, he'll be our cheering section with gigi and pops!

so we will be hitting the pavement with my new new balances and tman in his bob.

2-learn to sew. i have my grandmother's sewing machine and want to know how to use it. nothing fancy...i'm not planning to start making tanner's clothes from scratch or anything crazy like that, but it'd be nice to know how to make those cute burp clothes, sew a hem, make some basic crafts or even make fun, basic (very basic) costumes for tanner.

so it's time to dust off the sewing machine that's been sitting in our shed for the last few years and figure out how to use it. i'll keep you posted...hopefully lots of crafty pictures will be in my future!

3-learn to use my camera. i have a fabulous dslr. it takes good pictures, but it could take great pictures if i would just learn how to use it and tell it what to do! i am determined to take my camera off auto and start shooting in manual!

last weekend kristin and i spent an afternoon being "mentored" on how to use our cameras. wow. there''s a lot of information to soak in. definitely not something you can just master in an afternoon! but think i at least understand the basics now-at least in my head. now it's time to practice and really learn how to apply all that head knowledge.

good thing i have a model for regular practice sessions!

and then of course a secondary "to do" is learn how to edit these pictures. i am currently trying to figure out if i'd rather learn lightroom or photoshop elements. i have both, but i think i just want to tackle one or the other (honestly they both intimidate me) and don't know which one is better/easier to learn. but first things first! i'll worry about that once i can take the pictures...and if anyone reading this (all 4 of you!) has a suggestion on whether lightroom or elements is better, i'm all ears!

a few from my practice session today...thought we'd capture playtime and trying to crawl. he is SO close...he can go a few "steps/crawls" but it's kind of a crawl/scoot/push off a foot combo. the dogs and their toys and my flip flops are apparently highly motivating to tanner...those are the things he will really try crawling for. lovely.
goodness i love this boy! he's just so stinkin cute (maybe i'm just a little partial...). happy monday.

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