Thursday, November 25, 2010

november catch-up

november has proven to be a busy month...obvious from my lack of posting. let's see...what have we been up to since my last blog post...

well, lance and i "escaped" for a night. we were supposed to be escaping for a long weekend and leaving the tman with his grandparents, but unfortunately the trip had to be cancelled at the last minute. so we made the best of it (after i pouted and moped around the house for several hours...yes, i admit i had a bad attitude about it but i was BUMMED). but it ended up being fun and i was grateful for a 24 hour "break."
we ate out at restaurants...and didn't worry that we were keeping up the kiddo way past his bedtime,
went to a movie...yup those don't happen very often with a baby,
slept in...hey-at this point in my life, sleeping until 8 is really sleeping in!,
i got my morning starbucks-thanks to my sweet husband,
ran errands...and didn't have to worry about car seats or strollers,
went to mckinney trade days,
and i even got to!

yes, we crammed a lot into those 24 hours. and i didn't take one single picture! but it was a great break and tanner had lots of fun with grammy and ipop! and we missed him lots, but it is definitely healthy to have a little time away every once in a while!

so we came back to a sick we had more than a week of coughing and snot. man, colds are no fun for little guys!

another highlight of this month is that tanner gained another cousin! anna and audrey's little sister ellery christyn bailey was born on november 17. since tman was still a little under the weather, lance and i had to go visit in shifts. she is precious, and anna and audrey have taken quite well to both being the big sisters. tanner can't wait for her to get big enough to play!
(ellery at 1 week, 1 day old...her first thanksgiving)

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