Friday, November 5, 2010

what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger

well i've started training for the 10k. we actually decided to sign up for the 5k turkey trot on thanksgiving day...i had some crazy idea that it was a good idea to make me start training for the 10k. maybe having a kid has made me lose my mind?!?!

um this is hard! sure i used to run, but it is quickly becoming apparent that i haven't really worked out much in over a year. having a baby is tough on a body! i ran for the first time tuesday and i thought i was going to die. yesterday was a little easier, so i'm still optimistic that i can do this...some how.

and i really didn't think through the fact that 95% of my training is going to have to be done pushing an extra 42 pounds (yes the bob weighs 23 lbs and i'm guessing tman is right at 19 bringing the grand total to 42 pounds!). just because it has wheels doesn't make it very easy!

tanner is definitely on board for this training. he doesn't mind going on walk/runs at all. he just looks around, laughs and sings to me. tuesday he took a little snooze on our walk/run, and well, that completely screwed up his morning nap so i'm not so sure we'll be running in the mornings very often.

but he sure is cute all bundled up with his toboggan and gloves and blanket (yes i picked a fairly chilly week to start least chilly for dallas weather).
after our jog...
so for the next few weeks (hopefully it only takes weeks and not months to get rid of the i'm-going-to-die feeling) i'll be reminding myself every time i run..."what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger."Photobucket