Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

we started off thanksgiving morning with the turkey trot. it was definitely an experience! they were not exaggerating when they said 40,000 people-it was a zoo! not the easiest race to actually run...especially with a stroller. i decided it was more like a 5k obstacle course than a run. there was lots of darting around people, dodging dogs and kids (yes there were even kids riding bikes and crazy!), jumping up on curbs, running through the grass, etc.
about to leave the fairmont and head to city hall-and yes, lance is missing from the picture. he messed up his back last weekend (we're not quite sure how) and was pretty much immobile for 2+ days so he's still working on moving...definitely not up and running yet...we missed him!!!

we were worried that it was going to be raining, but thankfully the rain stayed away. but it was pretty chilly! only in texas can it be 80 degrees one day (yesterday was hot!) and then in the 30s the next day. we woke up and it was still in the 70s but by the time we got down to the fairmont to meet my parents it had dropped and was in the 50s...and it just kept dropping. we bundled tanner up and he loved it. he was wide awake the whole time...he definitely enjoys people watching. he was in for quite an adventure with my dad behind the handle...they went darting around people and there was lots of off roading involved. maybe like a mini-roller coaster ride but he stayed entertained (and dad was the 2nd person to finish the 8-mile run with a stroller...but oh, wait, he didn't run the 8-mile race...he just finished with the 8 milers because it was less crowded! hilarious!).

but i am excited to say my training is working-i ran the whole 5k and i didn't even feel like i was going to die! progress for sure (and of course i'm sure it helped that i wasn't pushing the boy child). at the finish line...
after the turkey trot we headed out to rockwall and had a yummy lunch (complete with my favorite pumpkin mother-in-law is great-she makes one just for me!).
and tanner got lots of playing time with gigi's toys, the drawers in the coffee table, and anna and audrey and pops!
we came home and tanner enjoyed his own thanksgiving dinner...yummy green peas, black eyed peas and some avacado. he is definitely into the self feeding. he doesn't always like it so much when i try to feed him-he's ready to do it all on his own. yes, this equals a LOT of MESS! and a challenge to come up with foods that are soft enough but also small enough for him to eat...but not too soft or it just gets mushed in his hand!
 "hmmmm...what do i want pea or black eyed pea?!?!"
 we wrapped up the night with some good ol' whataburger and watching the aggies beat up on tu!!! whoop!

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