Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tanner the tornado

tanner's new nickname is tanner-the-tornado. wow...he can make a mess in no time!

just in the course of the afternoon (like in just a couple of hours)...
living room-
all the dvds, wii controllers, etc OUT of the cabinet
his bedroom-
stuffed animals, clothes, blocks, burp rags, lotion, wipes (upside down), 
humidifier moved behind the door (in 3 different pieces), 
sound machine unplugged and upside down...
and this is after i had put up 2 or 3 blankets that he had pulled out from the drawer under his crib
the front room/play room-
yup, this is just one corner-just picture an explosion of toys

the kitchen-
tanner has officially claimed the bottom drawer...
and the towels that used to be housed there, and any plastic spoon he might find, 
and any containers he can make noise with...
and ALL 100 cookie cutters...this is the only way i can keep him away from 
the dogs water bowl and even attempt to make something for dinner
yup, pretty much every room in the house-minus the bathroom.
but he has just discovered that he can pull up on the toilet-gross i know-trying to prevent this as much as possible-and then he can reach the toilet paper roll. so yes, the tornado has hit the bathroom too! 

i have a feeling that this tornado is only going to gain strength as he gets more mobile and starts walking! scary!

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