Sunday, December 5, 2010

clothes...lots and lots of clothes!!!

we've been over-the-top blessed by sarah and bill (by way of bev and gary) who have 3 little boys (twin boys and then a 3rd). bev told us they had some clothes-would tanner want to borrow them? um and by some she meant more than 9 HUGE, FULL black trash bags...and sarah's still sending bags as her boys grow. oh wow! tanner really doesn't need anything in the clothing department (which kills lance...he wants to buy the child clothes all the time!) at least until he's 4 or 5! 

the extra bonus is they are aggies and live in college tanner has tons of cute aggie stuff that we wouldn't be able to find in dallas! between hudson and jackson's hand-me-downs and the things gigi and grammy send our way, we are set! some of his pjs are well loved now that tanner has been wearing them (i'm just impressed they made it through 3 of sarah's boys...tanner is hard on his clothes!), but that just makes them super cozy! this pair was a little thread bare on the toes and one day i got tman out of his crib and saw a big toe peeking at me! so cute!!!
thanks so much sarah for all the clothes!!! tanner is one stylin' little guy thanks to you!

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