Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please have snow and mistletoe...and presents under the tree

well i can't really control the snow part but i do love having all the presents wrapped and under the tree...makes me feel like my christmas decorations are complete! yesterday i worked on wrapping a few presents during nap time and when tanner woke up he decided he wanted to wrap some too.
this is FUN!
and i'm done! i'll let you finish up mom!
taking the ribbon with him!
our tree with all it's presents ready to go!
and apparently tanner worked on wrapping last night while i was at a fun ornament exchange party...i came home and found 2 new presents under the tree...tanner might have had a little help from his daddy. but i have to say i was pretty impressed...lance has some pretty good wrapping skills (and he must think i might try to peek...the present is WELL taped!)
and even a birthday present for me! and i bought this green paper specifically thinking it could be both christmas and birthday paper...red bow for christmas, white or pink or whatever color for birthdays throughout the year! way to go lance for not wrapping my birthday present in the red paper!

and in other news...we took tanner to visit santa this weekend (yes i know he had already met him, but i wasn't there...so he got to visit with him again!). he did good...then turned around and was fascinated by santa's beard...and then got a little uncertain, but by that point we'd already gotten a good pic! we will definitely be visiting this santa again...they made it SO easy! you "get in line" online-just give them your cell phone number and they text you an approx. wait time. then they keep you updated via text. so we hung out at home, got a text that it was our turn (we weren't quite ready...but it's great-you can text them back and tell them you need more time...even specify how much more time you need!). as we pulled into the parking lot, we got a text saying santa was ready for us so we walked right up...no waiting! LOVE it...so glad santa is turning high tech!
and just in case there was ever a question who tanner looks like...um it's totally uncle grant!
(notice the beard...yup, there's the red that everyone always asks about!)

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allison said...

Love the pic of Tanner & Grant. :) (And way to go, Lance, for wrapping Christmas/b-day in the designated paper!)