Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas round 1

man, it's been a busy last few weeks...and it's not slowing down until after tanner's first birthday (can't hardly believe it's almost here!). yes this week i've continued kicking myself for having a baby so close to christmas...i told myself never, never, never...and now here i am the week after christmas scrambling to put his party together (that's a whole other post!). why did i do this to poor tanner (and to me-again, my mom always made this look easy-well she really makes most everything about being a mom look easy, and let me tell you!). ok, enough side to blog about christmas before the birthday!

it all started thursday the 16th (well really thursday night has nothing to do with a christmas celebration but i have to blog about it before i forget). tanner went to bed as normal but around 8:30 he woke up crying which is fairly uncommon. usually if this happens he'll cry for a minute and go right back to sleep. well the crying went on for a little bit and then i heard a "weird noise" from his room. i had a feeling i knew what the "weird noise" was...the ever-dreaded throw up, but either way, it was time for the little man to be checked on. and yes, my mommy instinct was correct...the tman had his first tummy bug and had puked in his crib. what do i do-immediately call for back up! so lance deals with the bed while i snuggle with the little guy, who proceeds to puke all over me 2 times. i think this means i am officially in the mom club now. silly us, think he's done, so i run to shower while lance gives tanner his second bath of the night and get him in his third pair of pjs for the night. well tman wasn't well quite yet and puke 2 more times...once on lance (who i was very proud of...he actually did less gagging with the puke than he does with the dirty diapers!). but by 10:30 the puking was over...thankfully!!...and he went back to bed. he was pretty wiped out the next day, but that was ok...we had PLENTY of laundry to do (oh yes, i think i went through 3 pairs of pajamas and tanner had managed to go through every pair he owns...not to mention the towels, sheets and burp rags) to keep us busy at home!

ok so really now on to christmas! thankfully the tummy bug passed quickly and we were able to head out to rockwall friday night for christmas with lance's parents and chris and kristin. tanner ended up crashing really before the fun began so i don't have any pictures from that night...or the next morning when he opened his presents because genius me left our memory card in the chip reader at HOME instead of in the camera. oops! i realized the next afternoon i had the point and shoot in the diaper bag...major save there! we woke up saturday morning and headed to arkansas to celebrate christmas with granddaddy.

tanner got a drum full of other fun instruments...he's loving beating on the drum and shaking the egg shakers!
 he quickly caught on to the idea of unwrapping his gifts!
 i was excited about aunt regina's gift...had been wanting to get something kid-friendly for the kitchen...something to occupy the kiddo while i try to cook dinner. of course i thought maybe this would prevent all of the dish towels from being strung across the kitchen floor since he'd be so busy playing with the fridge magnets. wishful thinking on my part (the towels are still all over the floor), but he does love playing with the magnets too!
 a fun helicopter from aunt connie and cole!
 granddaddy unwrapping his book from tanner
 tman chillaxin in granddaddy's chair...
 giving audrey some kisses...she's a trooper for loving the slobbery sugars!
that wraps up round 1...round 2 coming up next!

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