Thursday, December 9, 2010

today's discovery

it feels like tanner "discovers" a new trick almost every day right now. today he decided that sitting and playing in the kitchen isn't quite fun enough. so this morning while i was trying to cook dinner tanner discovered that he can just open up the cabinet and use the shelves to pull up. so much more fun! and yes, cooking dinner happens a lot of days in the morning... i've discovered that trying to cook dinner during the late afternoon with a tired kiddo does not work! so this morning dinner was ready before 8 am...kinda crazy!
 hmmm...maybe we should bake something?!?! here, i'll get out ALL the fun-shaped pans for you mom!
tanner also remembered that we were out of napkins on the kitchen table so he was so helpful and pulled some ALL of them out for me! he also thought we needed a little "snow" in the kitchen so he quickly shredded a few of those napkins!
after making some snow, he crawled to the pots cabinet to explore. when he stood up, i just started laughing...he had a big piece of napkin stuck square on his bottom.
and this last picture is just too sweet not to post. poppa comes over for "tanner time" once a week while i go to work (my very part-time job...working 3-5 hours a week for a friend as her personal assistant-it's great!). tanner always has tons of fun playing with poppa. today was not the best nap day so i warned poppa that he might get tired and want another nap before i came home. i walked in to find tanner snuggled up and SOUND asleep with poppa...he was one tired boy! playing with poppa wore him out!

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tessahobbs said...

How precious! Caroline and Emily have their "own" cabinet with all the tupperware and fun plastic dishes you can dream of! I too, sometimes have dinner ready by morning...on my good days! NOTHING makes for a more hectic evening that trying to cook with baby/toddler tantrums at your feet. You are a super mommy and wife!