Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visit to Grammy and Ipop's

this past weekend we headed to temple...lance went to the men's conference and tanner and i hung out with grammy and taylor. we took the dogs to benny's dog resort and tanner thought it was so much fun-he laughed the whole drive there since he had gizmo staring at him.
friday the guys (jimmy, lance and dad) biked to the men's conference...90 miles. yup, they're crazy!
we spent lots of time...
climbing the stairs...
tanner is fast...he zips up the stairs and anytime we turned our back on him in the living room he was off, scooting as fast as he could to the stairs laughing the whole time as we chased him to follow him up the stairs. he LOVED climbing! 
at the top and so proud of himself...he's "SOOOO big!"
eating and trying new foods...
and of course grammy was convinced she was going to get him to eat all kinds of "good" food...big people oatmeal and mac n cheese. i told her it wouldn't work...and it didn't. but he did decide to like vanilla wafers this weekend. and yes, we had some fun styling tman's hair all crazy!
playing with friends...
grace is only a couple of days older than tanner and we have so much fun seeing them when we're in temple. grace and kim came over saturday afternoon and tanner and grace played really well together. when they got ready to leave tanner decided he needed to give grace a hug...and lots of kisses! we were all dying laughing! 
such cuteness!
grace wasn't so sure at first...boys-ick-they have cooties!
 but then she decided tman was ok!

we also had tanner's 1 year pictures taken which was lots of fun! and did a little shopping...grammy found tanner the CUTEST easter outfit. yup, he's going to look like a stud! and the kid slept like a CHAMP! made this momma proud since the last time we were in temple was in terms of sleep. he slept past 7 am every morning-WHAT?!?! and took good, long naps! wahoo!


Kim said...

LOVE THESE PICTURES! I am laughing as hard now as I was on Saturday!

Elyse said...

ADORABLE! I love seeing him and baby White together. So fun!