Tuesday, February 8, 2011

13 months

in the midst of our groundhog day week, tanner hit 13 months! i really think he is turning into a little guy lately. you can just see the wheels turning in his head. and of course if he can't get his point across, he lets you know it. the fits have started. oh joy!

just the other day after getting the mail, we were sitting in the playroom sorting through all the junk mail. he loves playing with paper, so i have him some of the junk mail and he started sticking it through the mailbox on his house! i couldn't believe it!

he loves all things electronic...the computer, the ipad, cell phones, remotes (don't be fooled-we gave him his own remote but he doesn't like it nearly as much as the ones we use!). i used to be able to put the phone on speaker phone and he thought that was great. now, not so much...he wants to HOLD the phone. makes conversations a little challenging. his favorite toy in his room-his sound machine. anytime i take my eye off him for a second and peek back in the living room to find him "missing," he's always crawled back to his room (even if it's dark...he doesn't care) and is so excited about playing with his sound machine. he LOVES turning it on and off, on and off, on and off. and he loves turning on the light feature on it as well. once he turns it on, he'll crawl over and empty out ALL of his burp rags out of their storage cube, and then come back to the fun times of hitting the off and on button.

he's got several new tricks...he can give high fives, sign all done and sometimes do the sign for more (when he's lazy he just points and makes noises!). he can wave hi and bye. he tells the dogs to "come here" by waving his hand (wonder how he learned that...maybe mommy is always telling him to come?!?). and if you ask him how big he is, he throws his hands up over his head while you say, "SO big!". and he can also shoot hoops-he loves making hoops with his bathtub basketballs. and he's still really good at giving kisses!

teeth-he's got 4 on top and 3 on bottom. and today i saw the 4th one on the bottom starting to poke through.

foods-he loves mandarin oranges, applesauce, pears, peaches, hot dogs, yogurt, carrots and cheese. these are his favs.  and he's decided this month that he likes green beans (not french style like his daddy...those are too skinny) and corn. oh and he likes chips and we tried vanilla wafers and animal crackers too. i think he likes things he can crunch! i did try some veggies from a soup i had made...not so much luck with those. this boy is stubborn...half the time he just starts shaking his head before he even tries something new! UGH! he really wishes he could feed himself using a fork/spoon all the time. that's our meal time challenge. if i am using a fork or spoon, he insists on holding it. he's getting better at "stabbing" his food, but we've got a ways to go before he masters the spoon.

he's doing great with the milk (which is good because of today the milk factory is closed!). yesterday i cut back on the yogurt and he still drank it, so i think we're getting closer to him drinking milk all by itself!
sleep-we're still on the bedtime around 6:15-6:30 and waking up around 6:15-6:30 in the morning. he's started sleeping until 6:45ish some mornings which is wonderful!!! this month he's decided that since he's a growing boy, he needs his naps! i am loving it! he's taking great naps! about 1.5 hours in the morning (he usually goes down about 8:45 and sometimes will sleep as late as 10:30). and usually a little over an hour in the afternoon (he usually takes this nap around 12:30-1).

toys-he has discovered his chair this month. not that he'll sit still in it, but it's lots of fun to climb into, stand up, dive off the side, etc. he thinks it hilarious watching me jump towards him to catch him mid-air before he bonks his head as he nose-dives out of it. and he loves his wagon...so much so that he'd rather take a wagon ride and isn't much of a fan of the stroller recently.
walking-just this week he's decided to start letting go and taking steps! it's hilarious...he gets so excited and so proud of himself when he does it. he's usually squealing and laughing as he walks. he's taken as many as 7-10 steps without holding onto anything and is doing it more and more often. lance and i think we'll have an official walker on our hands within the next couple of weeks for sure. he gets his best start if he stands up out of his chair...
clothes-still in 12 months (6-12 month tops work, but 12-18 month pants). he still sleeps in a double pair of pj's...cotton pjs on bottom with a fleece pair on top to keep him warm.

his hair is getting longer and finally starting to grow a little more on the right side. the top and back are getting really long, but we have not reached mullet stage and i'm not quite ready for his first haircut. i think he's going to go blond after his first hair cut. if you look underneath the long red hair on top, it's all blond...really, really blond. 


allison said...

He is getting to be such a big boy!!!

Betsy Hutson said...

Oh no! I love his red hair. =(