Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 year pics

picture overload below!
we had tman's 1 year pictures taken at the end of january while we were in temple. thought i'd share a few-
he loved crawling through the tunnel
love those little fingers!
checking out the rocks and his shadow
 had to have a snuggle break...he's a little bit of a momma's boy!
these pics were "pre-walking"'s been less than a month since we took these, but now he'd be waddling right down the tracks. he is officially a walker-loves walking laps around the house and sometimes he just walks in circles! 

now to decide which ones to print and frame (there were over 100 options-not an easy decision since, of course, i think they're all cute!). so incredibly thankful to be this little guy's momma and to get to spend every day with him!!!


Lisa said...

Very cute!

Mary Helen said...

I love all the pictures! They turned out great!

Julie P. said...

Hi Kali! I perused your blog and that is so cool that yall are planning to adopt! We have so many friends adopting right now! A true picture of the Gospel! Tanner is so cute with that red hair and piercing blue eyes!