Friday, February 4, 2011

same song, different verse

and that brings us to today...lance was supposed to have a 7 am meeting, so when i woke up at 6:30ish and saw the light from the tv on in the living room, i just started praying he had decided to leave it on for me. because if he was still home and watching tv, that only meant one thing-ONE MORE DAY at home. oh yes, the weather man had predicted less than an inch of snow, but oh was he wrong. i'm looking outside at more than 4 inches, and it's been snowing off and on all day.

so now, instead of ice days, it was a snow day (and yes, schools have been closed since monday).

lance tried to go to work but didn't make it very far before turning around to come home. and then he couldn't get his truck back in the it's parked down the block at the park. poor guy fell 3 or 4 times walking back from the park to our house...the ice under the snow is slick!

after tman's morning nap we bundled up to go outside. at least on our 4th snow day there was actual snow to play in!

he'll hate me for this picture later. he's got 2 layers of pjs on with some wind pants, a hoodie, his coat, gloves, hat and then i put his rain boots on. he wasn't moving very quickly!

heading out to play...
checking out the was not sticky enough to make a snowman
not so sure about sitting in this stuff all by himself...but then dakota came to play and it was all better!
staying warm with daddy and mommy!
this stuff is crazy, mom!!! he had lots of laughs watching dakota and gizmo run around like crazy in the snow...and of course trying to eat it too!
 heading inside to warm up...
i decided we could try to make snow ice cream...anything fun to do is sounding great right about now! so i stuck a bowl outside to collect snow...mixed in a little milk, sugar and vanilla...and voila...snow ice cream! tanner was a fan!
we have also played lots of "wheels on the bus" on lance's ipad. not sure what we'll do this afternoon. too bad tanner's not quite old enough to enjoy movies or we would have probably watched disney has ever made!
here's to highs in the upper 30's tomorrow and sunday!!! crazy how WARM that sounds after this week of single digit temps at night and teens/20s during the day.


allison said...

I LOVE the pictures! Especially the first one of Tanner in all his winter gear--ha ha! It's funny how even with the mountains of snow outside my door here every day, it's so fun seeing pics of snow at "home." :)

Taylor and Brian said...

Hahahaha! He looks like the kid from A Christmas Story "I can't put my arms down!!!"

Kim said...

Love the pictures- glad Tanner and the dogs enjoyed the snow! Grace has been sick all week, but I don't know what we would have done if she had had her normal amount of energy the past few days! I think you deserve a vacation! (at the beach!) :)

Oh- and I forgot to say THANK YOU for the whole milk donation! It was nice not having to buy milk at the store this week! :)

Kristen Duke Photography said...

cute snow pictures;) I love your name, we named our daughter Cali and I sometimes wonder if she should have done a "K" (LOVE the "k" myself) but it was a bit of an homage to my hubby's home land--california!