Friday, February 4, 2011

groundhog day

it's felt like i was living the in movie groundhog day all week long (and funny thing was, wednesday actually was groundhog day). it's friday afternoon and me and tanner haven't left the house since our monday afternoon zumba outing at taylor's school. it has been a LONG week.

monday night it sleeted (is that a word?!) for hours and we woke up to an inch or so of ice...e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. our driveway and alley is still a solid sheet of ice. this is a shot out the front door that i took after "skating" to the mailbox.
so we stayed in our pj's all day, lance didn't have to go to work and we played a lot. tuesday afternoon i started realizing that i probably should have braved the grocery store with all the rest of the metroplex monday before the weather hit. lots of ice and highs in the 20's meant this stuff wasn't melting anytime soon.

wednesday we woke up to the same thing (just in a new pair of pj's). lance-no work. ice everywhere. freezing cold. they did start rolling black outs so that mixed it up a bit. we kept most of the lights off and played some more (yup, in our pj's).

the best part about wednesday was that since all the news could talk about was people losing power and their houses getting cold, lance decided that maybe it was time to get our fireplace working. yes, we have lived in our house 5 years and have NEVER had a fire. so i was super excited that we could turn the knob and get the gas logs going (oh thought we hadn't had a fire because it was the traditional kind where you had to chop firewood...nope...we've got the easy kind-gas just turn it on and then turn it off...easy peasy!) and to top it off, we only lost power for 30 seconds all day long! but hey-the threat of no heat got me a fire in the fireplace! the only disappointment was that we didn't have marshmallows to roast. next time!

oh and the pipe that runs to the water dispenser on our refrigerator that's lance sticking his head up into the attic to see what he can figure out. we've turned off the water and are hoping it'll just defrost when it warms up and start working again.
 thursday guessed it...the same. new pair of pj's and hanging around the house. i literally rolled out of the bed and thought, "here we go again." talk about stir crazy. lance ended up going into work around lunchtime and stopped at the store and got dinner on his way home. we were down to the bare bones in terms of food (used my last 2 eggs to make cookies...and being stuck at homes leads to those cookies disappearing rather quickly). and i just needed something from the "outside" world! i decided i could entertain myself by taking pictures...i practiced taking pictures in manual mode. i'm actually kind of excited-i'm getting better and a little more confident not shooting on auto.

tanner likes to "run" to me anytime i pull the camera out...makes it a little more challenging, but hey, i've always liked a challenge! (yes, i'm trying, trying, trying to stay positive and look on the bright side)
 we made a fort...i'm sure as he gets older i'm going to have to get more creative and sophisticated in my fort making ability! again, mommy has the camera so he comes "running."
played with his kitchen and entertained himself in the laundry room while i ate lunch. he even had fun playing with the velcro on one of his this point he could play with whatever he wanted as long as it kept him busy and wasn't dangerous. i was getting a little desperate!
we went to bed thursday night and lance told me i could probably try to venture out friday...i think he thought i was on the verge of a breakdown if i didn't get out of the fairly true. so i went to sleep dreaming about going

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