Monday, February 28, 2011

i survived!

i can officially say
i RAN a 10k!
it was definitely not easy...probably would have been easier and much more enjoyable had i properly trained.
obvious-i know.
but lately tanner hasn't cared much for being restrained in the stroller...the boy is on.the.move! and working in runs around his nap schedule isn't the easiest thing either. and by the time lance is home and tman is in bed, it's dark. all those excuses lead to one thing-i was not prepared. i think the last time i had really run before saturday was back over christmas break. yup. 2 months ago.
i still managed to finish...and run (well jog-or even slow jog would probably be more accurate) the WHOLE 6.2 miles! NO walking here!
and i am proud of myself.
saturday afternoon i was tired. and my knees and hamstring hurt. sunday i wasn't nearly as sore as i worried i would be. my quads and calves were tight but hey, i could move (always a plus!). and today i feel almost totally back to normal.

mile 1 and 2 weren't too bad (minus the tight hamstring and stitch in my side).
mile 3 was a mental thing for me i think. and i didn't like the trail that part of the run was on.
mile 4 wasn't bad knowing i was more than half way to the finish line (i think the pic below was close to the mile 4 marker).
mile 5 i was ready to be DONE.
mile 6-i made it this far so i sure as heck wasn't about to stop now.
 i just kept telling myself that if i can birth a baby, i surely can run 6.2 miles. and i think i repeated "i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" about 500 times in my head. and here we are after crossing the finish line!
we came home to a boy who was cutting some teeth (we think)...he decided we should celebrate by eating ice cream sandwiches for lunch on sunday! ice cream is apparently his favorite food. he LOVES ice cream sandwiches and chowed down on some chick-fil-a ice cream today for lunch...yummy!
notice his he was savoring each bite, he'd quickly start doing the sign for MORE!
messy face!

will i do it again? well, since taylor has declared this a family tradition, i'm guessing so. maybe i'll do myself a favor and actually train a little more next year!

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Kim said...

That's awesome!!!! I am SUPER impressed! I am apparently running a 5k next Saturday and am a little nervous since I can barely run a mile without stopping! :) (Oh, and I love the childbirth thoughts- I've had those as well!!)