Wednesday, September 22, 2010


 taylor just started teaching zumba after school for some of the teachers that work with her. yesterday, me and tanner decided we wanted to try it out...he was pretty entertained watching everyone! he laughs anytime i dance around the kitchen or living room acting goofy so i knew he'd be pretty entertained by watching us attempt to zumba! taylor did a great if i can only learn to zumba like her!
and one of my favorite pictures from this past weekend. my mom was able to catch tanner giving me a kiss (he only gives kisses when he wants and usually i can count on them early in the morning when tanner wakes up...but during the day they're way less predictable!). i just love these slobbery kisses-so sweet!!
and one other funny pic i captured last week. tanner has learned how the nosefrida works. for those of you that don't know, the nosefrida is AWESOME! something i couldn't have lived without these last 8.5 months! mom calls it the snot sucker and it sounds super gross, but it works WONDERS (and there's no way for anything icky to get to your mouth!). i wouldn't say that he loves it, but he definitely knows that he feels much better after we use the nosefrida. and since we use it almost every day, he's learned how it works. he's started reaching for it and as soon as he gets it, he sticks the red end into his mouth...hilarious!


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