Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mr. Busy

tanner is busy! i know he'll only get even busier once he really starts crawling (he's close and it's driving him crazy that he can't always get where he wants!) for now, i am FINE with him at least semi-staying-in-one-place. just with his army crawling, rolling, turning, crawling backwards and lunging, he is! and he never sits still...even during dinner time he is constantly moving, waving his hands, kicking his feet and wiggling! i have a feeling tman is going to keep me on my toes!

this is what i found the other day...tanner was playing in the floor while i ate some breakfast. i look over and he had decided he was tired of playing in his pjs. i didn't think kids learned how to undress themselves until later...way later! maybe he's just a fast learner...or maybe he's like his daddy and would rather just hang out in his diaper!
"look mom!! i did it all by myself!!"
"what do i do with this sleeve now?!?!"
 and any time he lunges and scoots close enough to something, he's working on his pulling up skills...
since he's not sitting still anymore, getting things done around the house is getting even more challenging. one of our "mommy needs a shower" activities...watching everything going on outside with the dogs in my jumparoo. at least he can't jump out of this...yet!
or hanging out in the exersaucer...
but we have lots of fun...tanner is getting lots more interested in playing and i'm loving every minute of it!

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Kim said...

CUTIE!! Grace is the same way right now! Not crawling but "scooching" and rolling to try to get where she wants! We really need to finish baby proofing!! :)