Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day at the lake

we had a great labor day weekend...i love long weekends-they should all be 3 days i think! we headed to the lake house friday night and taylor, brian, grant and mom and dad all came up saturday morning. tanner had c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t. attention since he had pops, gigi, ipop and grammy there...not to mention aunt taylor, uncle brian and uncle grant! tanner got some new blocks to play with this weekend...with pictures of family members on each side (just to remind tanner who everyone is in case he doesn't get to see everyone every.single.week...don't worry grammy-he's got a good memory!). he loves them! he also had fun discovering all the toys kept at the lake house-they were all new and exciting to him!
the weather was wonderful so we spent lots of time down at the dock and hanging out on the porch. everyone loved the hammock (it's my FAVORITE spot at the lake house!).
even tanner had fun swinging in the hammock!
we took the boat out a couple of times on saturday and let everyone wakeboard. gigi stayed back on the dock with tanner (thanks gigi!)...he had fun just chillin in his shades!
some wakeboarding pics...
there's grant...
and then there's the rest of us who are just glad to be able to get up and stay up for longer than 10 seconds (lance is actually pretty good...but old knee surgeries and wake boarding don't go that great together)
and then there's dad...this was his first time to wake board and he got up on his second or third try which is pretty impressive. he was a pro at falling...he had us laughing pretty hard (even mom...after she made sure he was ok!). pic 1-he's up. pic 2-everyone is yelling at him to fix his shorts...fixing his shorts results in picture 3 and the whole boat crying we're laughing so hard. he was good at getting up and a master at major wipeouts!
there was also lots of swimming...dakota even decided he wanted to go for a swim and jumped off the dock into the water (he's never done this's a pretty big jump for him!). gizmo, on the other hand, just loves laying around and sunbathing...he's got relaxing at the lake house down!
tanner got to go swimming in his own miniature swimming pool...he loved it!
what a fun weekend!!!

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allison said...

I love the new blog look! You are getting fancy on me--I think I need to add a signature to mine, too. ;)

Wish I was gonna be there tomorrow...hope you're planning to take pics for me! (And I'll remind Jan, too. ;)