Friday, September 24, 2010


so we tried puffs about 2 weeks ago, and they just made tanner gag. it was kind of funny watching...he'd stick one in his mouth and instantly start gagging and fake coughing. 

can you say dramatic?!?! i had even bought the sweet potato kind-and he loves sweet potatoes!

so i put them up and pulled them out again today. 


he likes them...and he gets the chewing idea. 
he's still working on mastering the pincher grasp, but he can definitely get them. of course EVERY toy goes STRAIGHT into his mouth...but these...oh, no...he just wants to play with them until their nice and gooey and stick to everything!

still not so sure if they are yummy or food=hilarious facial expressions! (i love his expression on the right...not so sure what he thinks about these things)
dakota and gizmo are excited about tanner starting finger foods too! they have both decided they like puffs...and tanner loves to share! he had so much fun playing with gizmo and his puffs and he's great at sharing...let's just hope he keeps that up!

(it's ok grammy-don't freak...i washed his hands after he finished sharing and eating his puffs with gizmo!)Photobucket

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