Tuesday, September 21, 2010

shower for baby riley

this past weekend tman and i headed to temple to help throw a shower for rachel and baby riley (due in early december).

and i actually did a little crafting for the shower...and i think it turned out pretty cute (not quite as cute as if stacie or aimee or steph were crafting it, but hey, it's a start!). i got part of the idea off another blog so mom and dad built the base and i made the letters...you'll probably be seeing this again (with pictures instead of letters) at tman's first birthday (that was actually where the idea originated-for a 1st birthday). and then tanner so generously shared some of his toys and books to help add to the decorations.
we also had a basket of texas goodies for baby riley (since his momma loves all things texas...especially cowboy boots...and he will live in tennessee). allison and her mom found some super cute texas stuff-a fun book, a onesie and burp cloth, a bib and a wooden teether in the shape of texas. yes, kind of a silly gift, but it was totally rachel! :-)
and tamara added to the texas goodie basket with a GREAT idea...she got some dirt from rachel's parents' yard...so riley can be born on texas soil! it was so cute!
here's a pic of all the hostesses with rachel and her mom.
and the three of us (we missed you allison!!!)
and here are all 3 babies that were at the shower...they had lots of fun playing together on the couch! henry (tamara's little boy), tanner (in his little man clothes...LOVE it!), and caleb (sarah's little boy).
we had so much fun helping rachel get ready for riley and can't wait to meet him!!!


Mary Helen said...

I am impressed with your craftiness! It looked like a fun shower. Rachel was glowing!

allison said...

It kills me that I wasn't there, but thanks for sharing the pics! Love & miss you girls so much!!