Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

For an anniversary present, my parents told us they were sending us to a hotel for a night and keeping Tanner. Wahoo! I really think they just wanted a night with him to themselves so sending us away as a present was a great cover up…but hey, I’ll take it!

So Lance and I “escaped” around lunchtime on Saturday and decided to try a placed I’d been wanting to try-Zoes Kitchen. It was yummy…we’ll definitely be going back! I got the pita pizza and Lance got chicken roll ups-there’s lot of other things on the menu I want to try too!

And then off to downtown Grapevine to look at all the cute shops. We got Tanner a new book to add to his collection and other than that, we just browsed. It was HOT…so we grabbed a cookie and hit up Sonic for some vanilla Dr Peppers and then headed to the hotel.  My parents had gotten us a room at the Gaylord and we thought we’d go swimming. Well…let’s just say the pools weren’t made to accommodate all the hotel guests…and most of them had decided to spend the afternoon at the pool. It was crawling with people…there was literally nowhere to sit and the pool was full of people. So we scratched that idea…just didn’t seem like fun anymore. So we just relaxed in the room-I read a great book my mom had given me-highly recommend it-When Crickets Cry-awesome! Finished it Sunday night (when every minute of sleep is valuable you know it’s a good book if it kept me up til 11 reading!). And of course golf was on so Lance watched that. Our room had a great view looking over Lake Grapevine. And this is the only picture I took of us...before we headed to the pool...

For dinner, we headed to a yummy Hibachi restaurant. I had great intentions of taking pictures…but then forgot and didn’t want to mess with the camera. We grabbed 2 slices of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and took them back to the hotel with us…and spent the rest of the night vegging…watching tv and reading and really doing nothing. It was fabulous!!!

We both tried to sleep in on Sunday-although those internal alarm clocks that Tanner has set made it a little hard. I was wide awake around 6 am but stayed in bed dozing until around 9ish. I haven’t been in bed past 7:30 in over 6 months-heaven!!! We tried to go to one of Lance’s favorite spots for breakfast but the wait looked insane-people were standing around everywhere-even outside and it was hot! So we skipped that idea and hit up Starbucks…my chai was super yummy-hadn’t had one of those in a while. Then it was time to head home to see T-man. We definitely missed him…I told Lance it was even a little sad that we didn’t have to feed him at 10 p.m. but the “break” was definitely nice! Made getting up with him last night at 3:30 a.m. totally worth it…I just told myself he had missed me and was wanting to hang out (although I told him he could just go back to sleep and we could hang out all day long-starting sometime around 7:30 a.m.)

Thanks mom and dad (aka Grammy and Ipop) for taking such good care of Tanner and letting us escape for a night! He had lots of fun…and loved ALL the walks you took! They even sent us pictures of all the fun they were having! You wore him out...he didn't wake up til after 8 am this morning!!!

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