Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Grant got home from Africa Sunday, so we got to celebrate Father's Day with my whole family. It was great to have 3 generations of dads at dinner-Poppa, my dad and now Lance for his first Father’s Day. I am one lucky girl to have such a great dad…and grandpa too! And of course my baby's daddy is pretty special too! My dad-know aka Ipop...I have lots of fun memories from growing up…family bike rides, hospital rounds with dad, Dairy Queen runs with dad, playing Prince of Persia on the computer until mom would make us quit to go to bed (I’m still upset he saw the movie without me!), going early with him to help set up at church…just to name a few. And lots more fun memories to be made now with him as a grandpa with Tanner…he was even a trooper and tackled bath time yesterday after a MASSIVE blow out! One of my favorite pics of me and dad...and then of course Tanner with Ipop! I love you dad...thanks for setting such a great example and always loving me so well!
And of course we are super lucky to have Poppa so close! He comes and loves on our puppies and Tanner several times a week and I love it! He’s also quite handy and helps with lots of my “honey-do” or “Poppa-do” things. And he’s one of the best at getting a great big smile out of Tanner…Tanner always looks forward to playing with his Poppa after his morning nap!
And it was Lance’s first Father’s Day. It has been so great watching him be a dad to T-man. Tanner loves him to death…he’s always good at getting Tanner to smile and laugh! He's always ready to play with Tanner...they have tummy time together and Tanner loves sitting with his daddy on the couch watching sports. Tanner has already learned that his dad can be a sucker sometimes and that he's always ready to play (Tanner is learning early that he can take advantage of that…he definitely works it to his advantage!). Lance loves to get Tanner out of his bed and let him watch basketball or the world cup or sportcenter with him. I guess it’s male bonding…and of course Tanner instantly is happy! Lance is a great daddy and works hard every day so I can stay home with Tanner. I can’t wait for the fun adventures Lance and Tanner will have together as Tanner gets, boat rides, camping in the backyard, bike rides, golfing and lots of lots of espn watching. Just a few of the many sweet Tanner and daddy pics we have from the last 6's pretty obvious that Tanner is all smiles with daddy!

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