Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a few more pics

Yesterday tanner got a fun surprise from my uncle mark...a texas ranger's baseball cap! i love it...and he look super cute wearing it! he even tried wearing it backwards like his daddy! thanks uncle mark!
again, poppa can get you to give me a big smile for the camera EVERY time! he's helped me take everyone's favorite pictures so far!
trying it out backwards...not sure what to think
and then i had to include this one-this is our life right now...slobber everywhere!!! he is a drooling and spit bubble blowing machine (it's cute now...hopefully he outgrows this because blowing spit won't be so cute in a couple of years!)

and then a couple of pictures of tanner with his puppy dogs. lately he has really started noticing dakota and gizmo and has started reaching out to "pet" them. and dakota and gizmo have started wanting to play with tanner too...they're always nearby! yesterday tanner was playing on his mat and gizmo decided he wanted to snuggle up for some mat time too! and dakota loves playing with his daddy and tanner...he always wants to be a part of the action!

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Ty said...

That last picture is the best. It's like Lance is teaching a construction class to his little audience.