Saturday, July 9, 2016

What's Next?

We had an early flight to NYC this morning (nothing like getting up at 3:50 am) to bring the kids to hang out with my parents. So what's next...

Lance and I fly out Monday for Kiev. We arrive Tuesday afternoon and then have our appointment Wednesday with the State Department of Adoptions (SDA). That's where we'll get our referral for a little boy we hope to make a Bailey. Either late on Wednesday or sometime Thursday we'll go back to the SDA to get the official letter we need to visit a little boy in his orphanage. We'll take a train to wherever his orphanage is in Ukraine and then most likely go straight from the train station to his orphanage to meet him! So that means we'll potentially be meeting our son Thursday or Friday!!!

Once we meet him and decide that yes, we want to adopt this little boy, the process to get a court date will start. We'll get to visit him each day in the mean time-while our agency is working on all the paperwork and details that go into court. We'll have our court appointment and then the plan is to head home. There's a mandatory 10 day waiting period after court before we can pick him up and bring him home. Once that waiting period is over, we'll fly back, pick him up and then it's appointments in Kiev getting his passport, medical exam, visa, etc. So that's Ukraine adoption in a nutshell!

Thanks to everyone for praying for us. I'm not going to lie-leaving Monday is going to be hard. Last night bedtime involved lots of tears (Tanner and mommy included). The kids will have so much fun with grandparents and aunts and uncles, but anticipating missing us (and them) is hard! So please pray for them!

Tomorrow we're spending the day hanging out with my parents and then it's go time!


Megan said...

Praying!!! Thanks for keeping us informed!

Anonymous said...

Love you! Love your heart! I have been waiting for years for this to happen! So thrilled for this little boy. What a blessing your family will be for him and what a special blessing he will be to all of you m
Definitely praying for you, your travels, and your first contact with him. Will pray for Tanner and Hadley!