Saturday, July 9, 2016


We went to the lake house with friends for the 4th of July weekend and Monday afternoon I checked my email and saw an email from our agency. Happy 4th to you…and can you travel Monday for an appointment in Kiev on Wednesday?! EEK! So this week has been a whirlwind to say the least!

Tuesday we hit the ground running. I cancelled almost everything we had planned for the week. Monday night Hadley was up with fever and complaining of her head/ear hurting. So Tuesday morning we were off to the pediatrician. Got meds for her ear infection and then headed back to Dallas with Tanner for his two back to back doctor’s appointments we had scheduled (scheduled for months-not the kind you easily move). It was a long day of doctor’s appointments…all while trying to book plane tickets for Ukraine, details for getting packed and out of town, and figuring out logistics for the kids while we’re gone. But by Tuesday night tickets were booked!

The rest of the week was crazy spent running errands…oh and having a lemonade stand. Tanner has been begging to have a lemonade stand so we thought it’d be fun to do to raise money for the adoption and he’s ready to buy some things for his brother’s orphanage. His cousins and the Hunton boys were excited about helping and were ready to sell lots of lemonade and sweet treats! Kind of a crazy week to have a lemonade stand, but I knew if we didn’t do it Thursday like we had planned, it might not happen…so lemonade stand it is! And oh my word-we were blown away by the love! We raised more than $900 by the end of the day. We really truly have the best friends and family, and this is one loved little boy!

It’s all kinds of crazy emotions…I think they’ve run the gamut for me this week. Excitement it’s finally happening and getting to meet the little boy we’ve seen pictures of…sad about leaving the kids for so long…anxious about what’s coming and getting everything done…and beyond thankful for our friends and family helping us out! And exhaustion…sleep hasn’t been coming easy between Hadley being sick and then me waking up at crazy hours and my brain turns on and starts thinking through things.

I’m not sure thankful is even the right word…we have felt so loved this week-in the midst of my head feeling like it’s spinning! Fun pics of friends wearing their t-shirts, so many offers asking how people can help this week, keeping the kids (although I’m not willing to let them go for long knowing we’re leaving them for 2 weeks), feeding us, running errands for me, baking for the lemonade stand, and then more texts/emails/calls volunteering to do whatever they can to help…and that they’re praying. It’s slightly overwhelming in a good way…but thank you a thousand times to our friends and family. We’re definitely not in this alone and having sweet friends to carry the crazy with us this week has been huge!

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