Monday, May 16, 2016

Our dossier is DONE!

The last two weeks have seen some major progress/milestones! I got a text and email from Homeland Security on the morning of May 5th saying our I-600A was accepted. And then later that morning at the gym I got “the call.” More on that in another post!

We got the last batch of 29 documents signed and notarized. Then it was time to package it all up and send it to Tanya. I can’t say enough about our agency’s help with this. Tanya is amazing! She has walked me through each and every step of the dossier…double and triple checking every form, helping me know exactly how to fill out different documents (you’d think the forms on the U.S. side would be easy…but um, no they are less than straight forward and I’m so thankful for her expertise since she’s done this with so many families). She sent me a check list of dossier documents that we should have for a grand total of 46 documents notarized by a Texas notary (HUGE thank you to our friend Karen for all her stamping!!!). I packaged them up and had to count before I sent it to her…just 101 pages! She’s taking care of getting it all apostilled in Austin for us! I went to FedEx last Tuesday and shipped it to her…told the FedEx people that they needed to guard the package with their life!

The next day we got our FBI background checked that had been off at the Department of State getting apostilled back in the mail! So back to FedEx I went to send these to Tanya.

It feels so crazy for our part of the dossier work to be done. But definitely a huge step! Now it just has to go to Austin for apostilling!

Then on Saturday we came home from running errands, and Lance checked the mail. He pulled out the mail and asked, “Hey, what are these letters from Homeland Security?!” You know when you’re adopting when mail from Homeland Security in your mailbox makes you do the happy dance! Wahoo for our fingerprinting appointment date! It was an exciting end to our Saturday! Once we get those fingerprints, we can be assigned a case worker with USCIS and then hopefully will get our I-171H soon! The last piece before our dossier is 100% complete and can go to Ukraine!

We also started to work on a few fundraisers…designing a t-shirt and hopefully a couple of restaurant fundraisers. Tanner has also been begging to do a lemonade stand, so he’s started planning for one this summer to help bring his brother home! It’s starting to really feel real!!!

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