Friday, January 7, 2011

tanner's 1st birthday party!

can't believe my little guy is one!!! we had a little party with family and a few friends...still so hard to believe he is ONE!
his party invites...
aren't they so cute?! i can say that since i had nothing to do with them...i didn't even have to mail them! these were all stacie! i loved them!
the birthday boy ready to party!
the food table (and yes i realized after the party that i took this picture without the just imagine a long plate of cut up fruit in the middle). his picture display was an idea i borrowed from a blog...ipop made the stand and i printed out one of his monthly pictures for the last 12 months-crazy!

 as you walked in the front door...some party hats, blowers and little favors...his favors were a little bag of kisses with a picture of him kissing his puppy dog and a note thanking everyone for coming and giving them kisses from tanner...
 he wasn't a fan of wearing the hat (surprise, surprise!)
me and the birthday boy
the cake...i had sent the invitation and just asked that the cake go along with the matched perfectly and was SO YUMMY! we had a big one for everyone (oh yes, it was HUGE...we barely ate half of it at the party) and then tanner of course had his own personal size cake
time for CAKE! 
 about to dig in...
 trying some icing-still not too sure what he thinks about this
 the extent of his mess...not nearly as messy as i had thought he'd be!
he's definitely catching on to the whole unwrapping idea!
 the guys supervising...
 he was ready to play once he opened his laugh n learn kitchen...
 love this face!
 checking out his present from uncle!
 trying on his new rain jacket from kelly and grace
 checking out poppa's's a picture of a wagon that is on its way...yea for wagon rides with poppa!
 play time!!!
playing with grace and audrey
 tv time for the guys
 uncle grant was named "assembly man" this christmas and birthday...he was putting together the cozy coup
 aunt taylor making tman laugh, and laugh, and laugh...thankfully he didn't get too many kisses from brian and taylor since they both ended up sick that night/next day
trying out his new cozy coup...he loves it! we're working on teaching him no texting while driving!
 what a fun party!!!


Mary Helen said...

What an adorable party! It looks like the birthday boy had a great time. And I loved all your cute decorations :)

shansmith said...

The set up on your table is so precious!!! I can't believe he is already 1! Happy Birthday to the t-man! Time flies! He is so adorable!

mike+aim+meryl said...

EVERYTHING was soooo cute!! such a sweet lil guy!!