Friday, January 21, 2011 does a body good

apparently tanner disagrees with this statement, which has created the latest child-rearing challenge. the child will NOT drink milk! at a year my time was up...i have diligently served my time, and this milk factory is shutting down shop!

so we pulled out the sippy cup and poured in some milk. nope! he wasn't having it. trust me, friends, we have tried EVERY combo. i tried it warm, cold, straight breast milk, mixed breast milk/cows milk, straight cows milk. we've tried it in EVERY sippy cup we own...with a straw, even in a big person cup since he used to love that. he will drink water all day long, no problem, but for the milk, i've gotten a lot of head shakes, lips that are closed tight, and arm swats at the cup (watch out, he can bat that cup away with some force!).

heck, we have even tried making it CHOCOLATE milk...and still no. what?!?! what kid (especially a kid with lance's dna) doesn't like chocolate milk?!?! well, that would be mine (oh yea, and he doesn't like mac n cheese either...yes i know, crazy).

so we have resorted to lots of yogurt and cheese to make sure he gets plenty of dairy. a friend suggested yobaby smoothies with milk we're off to the grocery store after nap time today to get some of those to try. and while we're at it we'll probably get some strawberry flavoring too-maybe he'd rather have strawberry milk over chocolate!?!? seriously, it is stressing this mama out (yes, i'm trying not to stress, but have you met me?!?! um i don't do that very well).

in other news, he is loving playing with dakota and gizmo lately. dakota will follow close behind as we do laps around the house in the cozy coup-tanner either riding inside or pushing from behind-and tanner thinks dakota is just the funnies thing. he laughs at him all the time. he's started trying to play with the dogs...and he gets really upset when dakota or gizmo decide they've had enough "loving" from tanner and get up and walk away. the other day i caught him hugging on dakota looking out the front door...the dogs make great "pulling up" aids.
and yesterday, he took his first 2 steps not holding on to anything (he "walks" all the time-but always holding on with one hand to a cabinet, table, wall, toy, couch, person, etc). and what was his motivation to walk...oh yes, i was holding my cell phone up and he REALLY wanted it so he decided he could try to walk over and get it. yes, it's close to impossible to have a phone conversation with tanner around these days. he used to be happy if i'd just put it on speaker phone. not anymore! he wants to HOLD the phone. all. by. him. self!


tessahobbs said...

I wish I had a solution for the milk dilema...but I don't! It sounds like you have tried everything. I was going to say supplement with yogurt, cheese, etc. He will be FINE though. Caroline doesn't like milk either. She stopped drinking it awhile ago. Miss Emily is still nursing, but I give her juice/water in a sippy already, so I know that when milk is introduced, she will probably toss it out the window too. YAY for his first few steps! Watch out world...and get your running shoes on mommy!! :)

Scott and Adrian said...

Yay Tanner! I can't believe he is will love the walking stage. Jackson didn't like milk at first either. I think they get spoiled with mama's milk. Just keep offering took us 2 months before he finally accepted it. (Ridiculous, I know!)